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30 August, 2018

Indian Spotted Eagle project

Indian Spotted Eagle chick on nest
First of all, my apologize for not posting updates regularly. Now I will have more time and make regular updates if I got something interesting.

In this post I am pleased to inform you about Indian Spotted Eagle project. One of my student Sandesh Gurung is currently working hard to collect data about the breeding biology of Indian Spotted Eagle in Nepal. This species is one of the rarest and least known eagle in the Indian subcontinent and that breeds in the lowland belts of Nepal. Currently Sandesh is conducting intensive study of few nests to understand breeding biology. Many interesting data are coming on our way that would definitely help to understand this species better. Dheeraj Choudhary is assisting Sandesh during the field work. I wish all the success of this project. See those recently taken pictures, Sandesh just sent me from the field. For details about the project and more updates please visit the link