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19 July, 2013

Raptor record in Koshi area (Eastern lowland of Nepal) - June 2013.

Recently one month long field trip was conducted at Koshi Tappu area in the eastern Nepal. The main aim of the visit was to provide technical support to the Vulture restaurant management committee in Ramdhuni community forest, where we have recently established community managed vulture restaurant with the financial support from US Fish and Wildlife Service. Therefore I was fully concentrated on the vulture restaurant work while in the spare time; short raptor/bird watch was conducted around this area. I was amazed to see the Osprey in this time of the year because they should be winter visitor here. Another interesting raptor was Amur falcons which were picking up insects over the bare field around Koshi Bird Observatory (KBO). KBO was established as a wing of Himalayan Nature (non-profit organization- ) to promote as a centre for bird migration, wetland and grass land bird studies. This centre also provides accommodation facility for the field researchers. Therefore researchers can use this centre as a base for their research.

Raptor records in June 2013 are as follows;
1.       White-eyed Buzzard
2.       Black-winged Kite
3.       Black Kite
4.       Brahminy Kite
5.       White-rumped Vulture
6.       Crested Serpent Eagle
7.       Eurasian Sparrow Hawk
8.       Besra
9.       Oriental Honey-buzzard
10.   Red-necked Falcon
11.   Amur Falcon
12.   Peregrine Falcon (spp peregrinator)
13.   Osprey  

Black-winged Kite

Amur Falcon (male)

Amur Falcon (female)